Sunday, October 14, 2012

Team Quest Thailand New Additions

Team Quest Thailand New additions

Our goal is to constantly be improving Team Quest Thailand. So now that our classes are up and running we have decided to turn more of our focus into things that can help students even more. Basically we have sat down with our budget and decided what is the most important area's of the gym we can improve for students to have the best over all experience at the gym.

First addition: The CAGE

We have installed a MMA cage in our MMA and grappling area so that students can train in the most realistic training environment possible. Students are able to practice techniques utilizing the cage to help improve aspects of their game. Our cage stands about 6' tall and is reenforced with steel so that students can train in the safest environment possible.

Second addition: A full set of KETTLE BELLS

We have been focusing on putting together our strength and conditioning program. With the help from Matt Lindland and the people from Team Quest Portland, Oregon, we have incorporated their world famous “Fit Quest” combat sports specific workouts. What sort of functional workout would be complete with out a complete set of Kettle bells. We went all out and purchased 6 sets of kettle bells ranging from 4 kilos to 24 kilos.

Third addition: Wall Mats

Team Quest Thailand has installed wall mats in our MMA and grapping area. The mats are 2 inches in thickness and very durable. They are designed for taking a lot of impact while keeping students as safe as possible. The covering of the mats is genuine leather. This helps absorb sweat and gives the perfect amount of traction.

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