Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jamie "The Official" Stamp, fighting with Team Quest Thailand in Chiang Mai.

For those of you who have been following our blog, you know that Jamie “The Official” Stamp (current Australian Pro Evolution Champion) has been training with Team Quest Thailand for the last few months. He was meant to fight 2-3 times over the past few months but unfortunately has been plagued with injuries this trip. I actually felt really bad for him because I could see the frustration in his eyes. All he wanted to do was train.

Jamie was dealing with a lot of things that were out of his control. Anything from being sick to typical injuries. But Jamie is pretty head strong so he worked through them the best that he could. He was still training hard but he had to totally tweek his training.

This actually brings me to a thought. Every athlete I have ever known encounters injuries or something that prevents them from training properly. This includes people who come to train in Thailand. Far to many times do I see someone get some small nagging injuries, say a hurt hand and then just completely stop training until it's healed. But this happens to every athlete. The athletes that find a way to work through it or do what they can are the ones who end up progressing. The question you need to ask yourself if this happens to you is “What CAN I do”.

Personally I have really bad tendinitis in my right hip. I have learned to train around my injury though. I usually can't kick with my right leg because the inflammation gets to much and I start limping really bad. So what I have done is used it as an opportunity to get better as a south paw. So over the last few years since this injury manifested I have got really good with my left kick. Because I took advantage of the opportunity I can now switch up my stance pretty easily.

I just find it frustrating when students or athletes use injuries as an excuse to completely stop training. This is why I really respect Jamie “The Official” Stamp because he literally did everything he could possibly do given his circumstances. Jamie was pretty determined, but the problem is that he was going home in two weeks. So he said “Screw it, get me the hardest fight you can get me and make it in a week.” He was determined to fight a Thai before he went home because even though he has 23 fights he had never fought a Thai.

So we actually didn't know who Jamie “The Official” Stamp was fighting until we got to the stadium. This is when Kru Joe came over with his eyes wide and said “Jamie, I know your opponent. He is good and big.” Remember, Kru Joe's opinion of what is good is basically someone who has a lumpinee belt or something equivalent. I seen a bit of fear on Jamie's face but that's a good thing because he fights better when he is the underdog.

Jamie "The Official" Stamp with Kru Joe.

Jamie's opponent was Fah Song Sang Chiang Mai Pa Who Yoot, a tough fighter from the isarn region who has fought a lot on the Bangkok circuit. But Jamie asked for a tough fight so that is exactly what he got.

I am not going to lie. Jamie was getting battered, and I mean battered for the first 3 rounds. His fitness was obviously a factor since he didn't get to train properly, he didn't have any sorta bounce to his step and his timing was off. He took probably 3 of the most brutal kicks to his ribs I have ever seen in my life. It also didn't help that in the start of the 2nd round his opponent landed a flying down elbow on the top of Jamie's head splitting him wide open. He was bleeding like a faucet. Jamie's cut ended up being about an inch long and was really wide.

After the 3rd round Jamie came back to sit and the ref came over to stop the fight. We started screaming at the ref in Thai that he still wanted to fight. Jamie was on the border of wanting to stop the fight. Kru Joe looked Jamie straight in the face and screamed at him “ALL YOU HAVE LEFT IS HEART AND YOUR HANDS, I NEED YOU TO USE THEM. GIVE ME ONE MORE ROUND.” So Jamie stood up and was ready to go, we still had to convince the ref not to stop it.

The 4th round started and here is what happened.

It was one of the best comeback's I have ever seen. You can see that the crowd was going nuts. When he knocked him down the first time we thought he was finished and we were so excited we jumped into the ring to early. I looked over and realized that the ref was only giving a count. So we scrambled back out of the ring and waited the extra few seconds for Jamie to finish him. It was an amazing show of heart.

Jamie will be heading back to Australia this coming Thursday. It was great to have him out. He will be coming back next April to train with Team Quest Thailand for 3 months. I truly can't wait because he is amazing to have at our gym.

Team Quest Thailand has some big fights coming up. First up is HongTongLek Chor. Farpleansee who will be fighting in Team Quest Thailand's first international fight in Switzerland October 20th against a tough french fighter named Amine Kacem. Amine fights out of Fabio Pinca's gym in France so you know he is going to be game for a fight.

After this, Adrien “Kaew” Team Quest Thailand will be fighting in the Muay Thai Marathon November 1st in Korat, Thailand. This is a huge opportunity for Adrien because this tournament is set up for him. To win this tournament you need fitness because you might fight 3 fights of 9 rounds total in one day. Fitness is Adrien's secret weapon, he never gets tired.

For upcoming news and updates check back here with Team Quest Thailand soon.


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