Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Students Training in Chiang Mai at Team Quest Thailand

Students from all around the world come to Thailand for training in Chiang Mai. The Chiang Mai Muay Thai and MMA scene is growing at a rapid pace. Team Quest Thailand was lucky to have two very special students that came to check out our facility from Hong Kong.

Meet Matthew Wong and Nick Hong Kong. Matthew is in the black shirt and Nick in the white shirt below.

Here are some more pictures of them.

Here is Nick taking pictures of Matthew eating Korn.

And here is Matthew taking pictures of Nick eating Korn.

Both Matthew and Nick were truly a pleasure to have at the gym. Both came in, worked hard, and were just good all around people. What made them so much fun is that they were very comparable in skill level and had a friendly rivalry amongst each other.

Back in Hong Kong, these guys sparred a lot. Initially when they first arrived for training in Chiang Mai, Matthew sparred a lot better. Matthew beat up Nick pretty good. In the first session of sparring Matthew kicked Nick in the balls and then later KO'd him with a body shot. I am not going to lie, it's always funny when somebody gets dropped with a body shot.

So later that night we all headed over to Central Airport Plaza, the biggest shopping mall in Chiang Mai. Luckily for us, this mall is only a 5 minute walk from our facility. That is what is great about the Team Quest Thailand facility is that it's so close to the mall but also quiet and secluded. So anyways, at dinner Matthew and Nick started arguing a bit about who was better. Nick insisted that the only reason Matthew wins is because he kicks him in the balls every time. He even went on to say “he very accurlate for kick ball.” They actually got in an argument about how many times Matthew kicked him in the balls. Nick insists it was 8 and Matthew says it was only 6.

This is where I got my idea. These guys were with us for two weeks. Since Matthew was sparring better I thought it would be fun to take Nick aside everyday and teach him how to beat Matthew sparring. I watched Matthew spar the first day and I saw that he had more of a punchers style, he liked the inside leg kick, and he also covered up to much when somebody attacked him.

So I took Nick aside and for the first week I taught him 3 basic moves. How to use his jab and teep to keep a puncher at distance (0:25 and 4:57 below in the video is an example), how to push a puncher away and follow with a right body kick (3:56), and also when Matthew threw his inside leg kick how to step back and return with a big left kick (2:06 and 4:30). So every day we drilled these and I started to see him using them more and more in sparring. I have never seen anybody pick it up so fast. Nick is definitely a coaches dream. He listened and did everything I helped him with. Although I am not a actual coach here (We have 5 full time thai trainers for that), I do help people who have a newer skill set when I can.

After the first week we moved on to a little bit more advanced stuff. Now we worked on faking the teep and following with a jap or straight (4:50). Nick really started to put everything together. So at the end of their two weeks we decided to set up a friendly sparring match where the students were the judges. It was a lot of fun, we told them to only go 50% but they were not so good at controlling their power. At one point at 1:01 Matthew actually starts yelling at Nick in Chinese “YOU CALL THAT 50%.” Nick responded with “YEAH THAT IS MY 50%”.

Check out the video (Nick with the pony tail and Matthew in the orange and black shorts).

I was really proud of Nick. He did literally everything we worked on when I pulled him aside for extra training. You can tell Matthew was really frustrated because this was the first time he didn't beat up Nick while sparring. You can actually hear one of Team Quest Thailand's trainers in the background at one point say “before I think Matthew better, now I change...Nick better.” The best part was that Nick opened up and pulled out a flying super man punch at 7:39 which I didn't know was in his arsenal.

Nick and Matthew said they would be back for training in Chiang Mai soon at Team Quest Thailand. They were a pleasure to have out. We look forward to having them again.


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