Thursday, August 16, 2012

Team Quest Thailand news

Team Quest Thailand is happy to announce our newest addition to the Team. Meet Kru Nee. Kru Nee grew up in Chiang Mai, Thailand so he is very familiar with the city. He has fought all over Thailand but after retiring he decided to move back in an effort to be close to his family. Kru Nee was heavily recruited by Team Quest Thailand. He comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the sport of Muay Thai. Kru Nee has what is considered an I.Q. Style for fighting meaning he doesn’t take a lot of damage but gives a lot.

Our team out here in Chiang Mai, Thailand is growing strong. Right now we have one of the best Muay Thai and MMA programs in Thailand. One thing we are particularly proud of is that we are the only MMA school in Thailand who has produced a champion at Lumpinee stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. We credit our success at this point to our training staff. Our training staff is going above and beyond what is expected of them.

What's interesting about our training staff is that they teach in a much different manor than most Thai's teach Muay Thai. Most Thai's find it difficult to communicate and because of that they get frustrated and just stop actually teaching. We have a very stringent training schedule here at Team Quest Thailand. All of our training staff is required to complete a training course teaching them how to teach and run a class.

One thing that many people forget (or just don't know), is that Thai's are hardly taught how to fight Muay Thai themselves. At a early age, they are thrown on a bag for months before the teachers will attend to them. The kids that mimic the older fighters and show passion for Muay Thai are looked after. But they don't actually teach technique in the way westerners are taught. From my time in Thailand I hear foreigners at every gym complain about not getting taught technique. In reality, the Thai teachers were never really taught either, they just learned on the spot, so they don't have the experience of relating the techniques.

This is where we are able to stand out. Team Quest Thailand teaches our training staff how to relate techniques and run a class. It is no secret why our gym shows the most technique, our trainers are educated on how to work with foreigners. There is no other gym in Thailand that shows the amount of technique we show. We do technique every single day and we teach it in a way that students will retrain the information and be able to bring it back home to practice.

On another note, we just had a big fight last week. Adrien Team Quest Thailand just fought last week in the “Gai Thort Haa Dow” round robin tournament. Adrien after having only 11 months experience in Muay Thai was thrown to the wolves (this is what he wanted). He took on Muay Thai superstar Petchmonkong. Check out the video.

Petchmonkong came in with a lot of experience and has been fighting his whole life. Adrien had a great performance. We are really proud of him. Although he came up short, he showed a lot of heart and proves he is going to have an amazing career in Muay Thai. Petchmonkong fought great too though. He was the first person to solve the puzzle of Adriens size and clinch. It was Petchmonkong's better technique and experience that won him this fight. Adrien's head is high though and he is already back in the gym training. Adrien is improving at a rapid rate, each fight you can see improvements.

The best thing that came out of this fight is that Adrien proved to himself and everyone else that he belongs in the tournament. Adrien also has a new list of things to work on. Other fighters haven't been able to expose some of Adrien's weakness's because Adrien is so good at other things, but Petchmonkong was different. The great news is that Adrien is not out of the tournament and will be fighting next month again.

Kru Gen (HongTongLek) flew down to Bangkok yesterday to take on Thai super star “Super Lek Wor Sangprpai”. This is def one of the hardest fights of HongTongLek's life. Super Lek is an amazing young star with a similar style to HongTongLek. Super Lek will have the power and speed advantage, HongTongLek will have the experience advantage. It will be an interesting match up. Here is a highlight of his opponent.

Here is HongTongLek and SuperLek in a prefight interview today.

Check back soon for results and more upcoming news.


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