Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wow, I don't even know where to begin. Team Quest Thailand has so much on the horizon, almost to much to talk about. As of right now, I am in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia getting ready to meet up with Matt Lindland to go to the ONE FC event. For those of you that don't know, ONE FC is the biggest MMA promotion currently operating in Asia. We are working hard to build our fight team so that we can help contribute to ONE FC the way they have contributed MMA to the Asian region. After the event, Matt Lindland and myself will be flying back to Chiang Mai, Thailand where Matt is going to host a seminar Wednesday, June, 27th at Noon to 2:00pm at Team Quest Thailand.

Although we have only been open 7 months, I am feeling good about where our fight team is at. For starters, we are bringing David Hulett (veteran of over 30 professional MMA fights) out to make some noise in the region. David is currently fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada and trains under Robert Drysdale. David will be arriving June 26th ready to fight. (David's in the blue corner)

Another great addition to our team will be Bashir Ahmad. Bashir has been impressing important people throughout the region. Bashir has been doing so well in fact that he was recently signed to a 6 fight contract with ONE FC. Bashir will be arriving in Late July to join our fight team.

Currently we have Alex Branom hailing from the original Team Quest in Portland, Oregon. Alex is a vet of 9 professional muay thai fights and 4 MMA fights. Alex has a very unique skill set as he has trained with Team Quest under Matt Lindland since he was 13 years old (Ten years). His wrestling and top game is very strong. What is interesting about Alex is that he also holds a purple belt under Eddie Bravo and the 10th planet system. He has worked hard on his rubber guard to add more tools to his arsenal. This is Alex's 4th trip to Thailand in 4 years. Alex has spent over 6 months with Team Quest Thailand this trip skill building.(Alex is in the blue corner)

Our next step is working on bringing in some sponsored fighters from around the world. We are going to be looking for strong grapplers looking to improve there muay thai. This is something we will be doing over the next few months. We are looking for people who are willing to relocate for a year or more. Our goal is to have a strong team all year round. If you are interested you can send me an email at Joel@tqmmaDOTcom for more information.

Along with our MMA program, our Muay Thai is going strong. After only 7 months of being open, One of our resident fighters “HongTongLek Team Quest Thailand” will be fighting for the lumpini championship in 3 weeks. HongTongLek has been destroying his competition. Check back soon to see the results. (Below is two of HongTongLek's previous fights both resulting in a knock out)

Speaking of fighters destroying competition, another one of our fighters “Adrien Kaew Team Quest Thailand,” has made a name for himself. Adrien, with only 10 months total training time has had 17 fights with 17 resulting in a Knock out. He is currently being called a muay thai phenom. Lucky for us, our Thai muay thai training staff has amazing connections with Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadium promoters so we were able to take the next step and get Adrien bigger fights. Adrien is now 2-0 at Lumpinee and 1-0 at Rajadamnern Stadium. Adrien recently fought at Lumpinee stadium and was featured on National television.(Adrien is the blue corner)

Adrien will be having his 18th fight in Chiang Mai, Thailand June 22nd at Kalare boxing stadium. Also, Team Quest Thailand's head trainer Joe, at the age of 29, is coming out of retirement after 7 years to have his 1st fight in a long time. Hopefully if it goes well he will follow his twin brother, HongTongLek, back into the winners circle.

Another fighter who I am really excited about having visit us is Jamie “The Official” Stamp. Jamie fights out of Hitman Muay Thai gym in Ormeau, Queensland, Australia. Jamie has a number of impressive accomplishments including WMC 66.6kg (Welterweight) Queensland Champ, WMC 66.6kg (Welterweight) Australian Champ, and WMC 63.5kg (Junior Welterweight) Australian Champ x 2. Jamie will be visiting us from August 1st through October 11th in preparation for a huge 8 man eliminator tournament where the winner receives $10,000. Jamie also plans on fighting for us while here because one of his goals is to make it on the Lumpinee circuit.


I am really excited about what is happening and I believe we are making all the right moves forward. I am really excited for the up coming week. With 4 amazing full time muay thai trainers, our MMA team building, and Matt Lindland giving a visit, the stars are aligning for Team Quest Thailand. Check back soon and I will update all of the upcoming events including pics with Matt and I at ONE FC and Matt at Team Quest Thailand.


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